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  Regain Your Attention Span
Posted by: TruthSeeker - 2 hours ago - Forum: Personal growth - No Replies

The Internet, social media, and the smartphone have collectively destroyed people's ability to concentrate for a prolonged period of time.

We are constantly agitated by smartphone vibrations, commercials and other sources of noise. This results in inability to concentrate and destroys your productivity. Multi-tasking is actually a scam. You are better off finishing one task after another instead of trying to fix everything at once.

Below are some tips that can help you recover:

1. Physically stop your Internet connection. (remove the cable, turn off the router...etc.)

Even 30 minutes a day will start to make a noticeable difference.

2. Hard limit the number of open tabs in your browser to the bare minimum. 

3. Stop all notifications on your phone that aren't essential. Turn off the LED indicator too.

4. Schedule time to answer e-mails and text messages. Don't do it during the rest of the day.

5. Try eating without watching TV or Internet movies.

6. Stop YouTube's recommendations and suggestions from showing with the help of a plugin or something.

7. Read more.

8. Watch TV and movies on DVD, VHS, blue-ray...etc.

This is actually counter-intuitive. You hear all the time how the TV is bad for you. It is. But it does not steal your attention span the way the Internet does.

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  Silent Mike – Natty Or Not?
Posted by: TruthSeeker - Yesterday, 02:52 PM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (1)

The newest post:

Silent Mike – Natty Or Not?

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Smile Weighted Dips/ Pull-ups with backpack
Posted by: Ramy_Saber - 01-17-2019, 10:14 PM - Forum: Training - Replies (3)

Hi guys, whatbdo you think about doing dips and pull ups with weights in backpack?  light weighta and medium weights.

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  Dating Is a Scam and Highly Ineffective
Posted by: TruthSeeker - 01-17-2019, 06:16 AM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (21)

1. If dating is so effective for finding a partner, why are the divorce/failure rates so high?

If this was the optimal way to find someone, why are so many people unhappy or single? I bet that you know many, many people who have nothing to show for after years of dating.

I am one of those people. I have been on more dates than I care to remember. Every time I go to a date, there's a voice in my head saying: "Let's see what will fail this time."

You will probably say that this is the defeatist in me talking, but it's not quite true. It's the voice that forms in your head from the lack of success. It's the voice of experience.

Dating apps made dating even more shallow than it was before, and it was pretty shallow already. This decreased the effectiveness score even further.

Conclusion: If dating was a business idea, most people would have given up on it a long time ago as it's simply not profitable nor sustainable.

2. How many people do you have to meet before finding "the one"?

A million, it seems.

Dating gives an excuse to people to be shallow and wasteful.

Let's say that a woman goes on 100 dates in 1-2 years (not a hard task for a woman in this day and age) and still ends up "alone" (not a rarity in this day and age).

Do you want to tell me that 100% of those men were trash? This cannot be true even we wanted it to be true.

Of course, she will tell you that "all men are trash". But what she really means is that the prince she is looking for does not want her or does not exist. So, she keeps looking.

3. Most people in a stable relationship didn't date for long.

Dating is cancer. All those mind games for what? Really? For what?

Most people who are in a stable relationship were not dating robots. In fact, the kids of the elite don't date the same way the plebes do. That's because the architects know that dating, especially in it's current form, is a stupid strategy.

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  Bigger - a Joe Weider biopic
Posted by: Simple Simon - 01-17-2019, 05:26 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (4)

(As has been discussed in other threads) "a powerful example of all that can be accomplished by working hard"

Interestingly, Weider published his first magazine in 1940, so pre-steroids.

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  Your current routine / focus
Posted by: Minimalist - 01-17-2019, 12:43 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (10)

Hey guys...

So no routine or training method is going to produce miricles, but its always nice to get a snapshot of what other narural trainees are doing / focusing on.

So whats your current routine and/or lift goals?

Im currently dealing with a torn rotator cuff, damaged it at work 15 years ago, but its faired up again, usually takes 3-4 months to clam down. I decided against getting a cortisone shot from my doc, pain is a good indicator of what a can do or shouldnt be doing, dont want a complete rupture.

My focus is a non-grinding 272kg/600lb trap bar deadlift (high handle) by Easter, so far my best is 260kg/573lb slight ginder. My other main lift is one arm DB OHP, working up to 50kg for sets of 6 on the rigth arm, 45kg on the left (given the injury). 60kg for sets of 3-is the goal.

Over than that, snatch grip high pulls, neutral grip inverted rows, overhead rope extension and kneeling rope pushdowns. The latter two carryover nicely to my OHP.

I also do some gpp work, once per week farmers walks and prowler pushes.

Also looking to drop down 15lb by summer, not to pose on the beach lol, just dont like the heat at 255lb.

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  Zuzka Light - natty or not?
Posted by: Navigator - 01-16-2019, 07:59 AM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (11)

I think she is not natural (looks too much dry and shredded) though she is not big at all
As someone in some comments wrote anavar at least and probably some thermogenics and diuretic drugs in my opinion
Also former porn star (and porn industry is full of drug addicts and people who use all kind of illegal stuffs) and very popular on YouTube (close to 700k subscribers)
Looks very hot though, aside from fake boobs haha
What do you think?

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  did crazy thing, feeling good!
Posted by: Plato - 01-15-2019, 09:22 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (5)

I done it I been reading nattyornot froum for long time , I been going around just cold approaching girls it was hard but it work way better than tinder,I feel more of man actually.

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  this world has changed me
Posted by: Plato - 01-15-2019, 09:02 PM - Forum: OffTopic - Replies (4)

I think this world can make someone psychopath. this world is cruel  people have been worse shit than me but I think, I have lost it so to speak . your maybe it because I am no longer with system dont know just cant tell anymore. it make sense when world is  ruled by them it make sense why people do bad things , it kill your be killed . 

business is business in this world .

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  Testimony of a steroid user
Posted by: Brett - 01-14-2019, 06:50 PM - Forum: The Crazy World We Live In - Replies (1)

I just copied and pasted this from a article I read and thought it was worth sharing:

"But here's the thing that it took me years to figure out and that I'm still figuring out: I'm not my job, or my body, or my relationship. And neither are you.

All of those things play a role in making you the kind of person you are, but they're not you. Resilience means being able to find some essence of yourself when you're stripped bare, when you no longer have the things that you may take for granted such as your hearing, or your work, or your friends. 

Trying to define yourself in terms of what you have is a pretty sure way to be unhappy. Someone will always have more. Things can be taken away, lost or destroyed. Your body will eventually fail you and fall apart, regardless of how well you take care of it. One day will be your last day at work. 

At the end of the day, you have to be enough. Just you." 

Here's the link 


Its basically a article about a guy that used steroids to hide his insecurites. Its a interesting read in my opinion.

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