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  Is this natty?
Posted by: generationkill123 - 02-21-2020, 05:39 PM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (1)

Is he natty?

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  Ultimate workout for lazy people
Posted by: generationkill123 - 02-21-2020, 11:32 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (5)

Say you want to get better at some exercises, just do them all in a set every few hours
Repeat the set throughout the day.
I believe this is the best way to train for reps and strength, since you give yourself enough time resting to be able to max out every time you do the exercise. Plus its the lazy workout that works. Obviously this would not work for people who have to rely on commercial gym.

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  NFL stars who lost weight after retirement
Posted by: AleXandeR - 02-20-2020, 08:12 AM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (1)

Joe Thomas- The Iron man of iron men, lost 50 lbs

[Image: gettyimages-76328337-1024x1024.jpg] [Image: joe-thomas-nfl-star-shares-secre-1.jpg]

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  Find the pain you love
Posted by: lemmings - 02-18-2020, 09:44 AM - Forum: Personal growth - Replies (7)

Have any of you found the pain you love? If so, what is it?

Personally, I love tricking, reading, and playing guitar. I'm not sure if any of these are truly 'the one' though.

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  Starving Gets You More Girls Than Lifting Weights
Posted by: TruthSeeker - 02-18-2020, 06:22 AM - Forum: New Articles - Replies (5)

Newest post:

Starving Gets You More Girls Than Lifting Weights

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  Bulking, cutting and recomping
Posted by: impatient_undertaker - 02-13-2020, 09:39 PM - Forum: Training - Replies (7)

What do you think is the best strategy to gain muscles long term without getting (too much...) fat in the process? The most common opinion seems to be that bulking and cutting is the answer since, as they say, you can't go towards polar opposite goals at the same time - gaining muscles seemingly requires calorie surplus and loosing fat requires calorie deficit. However these two processes are actually handled by different systems in the organism and they are independent to some extent, hence recomping, or gaining muscles while at the calorie maintenance/deficit, may be feasible.

Is the recomping a fine strategy or a misinformation? If bulking is necessary, then how intensive should it be?

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  Michelle MacDonald and her mom
Posted by: AleXandeR - 02-13-2020, 07:17 PM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (2)

Michelle MacDonald - 49. Some BlaBla Pro (Her husband is juice also)
Her mom- about 73.

[Image: 39099560-10156524924041737-6333986844929163264-n.jpg] [Image: 86288191-2369959379772224-7893428210988220416-o.jpg]

The question is- Who injected first?

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  Arthur Jones' redpill on training equipment and exercise variety
Posted by: Mass_Bixo - 02-07-2020, 02:00 PM - Forum: Training - Replies (13)

Arthur Jones quote (after he sold his gym equipment company Nautilus for millions of dollars):

"Apart from a rather limited number of hardcore bodybuilders who are misguided enough to believe that they have a chance to compete against the outright genetic freaks that now dominate bodybuilding competition, just about anybody else in this country can produce nearly all of the potential benefits of proper exercise without spending much if anything in excess of about twenty dollars. You can build both a chinning bar and a pair of parallel dip bars for a total cost of only a few dollars, and those two exercises, chins and dips, if properly performed, will stimulate muscular growth in your upper body and arms that will eventually lead to muscular size and strength that is very close to your potential.

Adding full squats, eventually leading up to one-legged full squats, and one-legged calf raises, will do much the same thing for your legs and hips. Using this very simple routine, when you get strong enough to perform about ten repetitions of one-armed chins with each arm, your arms will leave very little to be desired. Or, instead, you can do what many thousands of others are now doing and piss away thousands of dollars and years of largely wasted effort while producing far less results. The choice is yours. One of the best pair of arms that I ever saw on a man belonged to a guy that I knew about fifty years ago in New York, and he never performed any sort of exercise apart from chins and dips, and damned few of them."
 - Arthur Jones in 1996

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  Adama Traore insists he does NOT do weights
Posted by: AleXandeR - 01-29-2020, 10:41 AM - Forum: Natty Or Not - Replies (4)

7 year transformation.
He is 23, and ''dose not do weights''. Big Grin

[Image: b7cb75f8c87adb7e4bd48cf9db13cb07?width=700] Source.

"It’s genetic. I exercise, but I gain mass very quickly."

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  Tradition English breakfast
Posted by: Plato - 01-29-2020, 10:19 AM - Forum: Nutrition - Replies (70)

is English breakfast  healthy?

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