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  Things that have worked and those that haven’t
Posted by: Sam - 03-02-2024, 08:12 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (7)

To me it would very interesting to hear from you the training programs, philosophies and approaches that have worked well in the past and also the ones that didn’t work. Also would be nice to know how and why you think they worked or didn’t work. Maybe simple positives and negatives kind of thing. Hopefully this isn’t something that already has a thread. But anyway, I’ll start.

I have been training quite a long time. The first training “program” I remember was very simple. I was a young kid (under 10 years) when I started Aikido with my friend. I don’t remember that much about Aikido, but what I do remember is that we did a little bit of strength and conditioning stuff during every session. To me the strength stuff was always the highlight of the whole session. It was a very basic circuit kind of a thing, pushups, abs, stretches in between, things like that. I liked it a lot and I often felt I wanted to more.

So very quickly I started to implement the same stuff at home. Pushups vere easy to do at home, but abs were more difficult to do because without a soft pad, they fuck up the skin of your back. Then I got an exercise mat as a present. The mat had pictures of couple of exercises on it with rep and set recommendation. I don’t really remember how but I eventually ended up with the following “program”:

Pushups 4 x 25
Ab crunches 4 x 25
Floor Hyperextensions 4 x 25
It took some time and trial and error to get to those numbers. I think I experimented with daily training and higher numbers, but in the end, 4 x 25 every other day seemed to be the best.


-         This was my first “own” program, it felt good to figure it out all by myself even though it was very simple (this was before the internet etc.)
-         I think it build my chest at least a bit, can’t never be sure about it, but chest is still after decades by far my best musclegroup
-         I learned some basics of strength training, not the worst starting point, especially for a child
-         I felt really good when doing this stuff, maybe this was the start of my exercise addiction
-         Friends flet that  I looked “muscular”


-         The program was very unbalanced (no pull, no legs)
-         My technique wasn’t the best, the more I did, the quicker I started to go through the movements

Overall, at times I still feel i could go back to this. I think it would be enough to look okay. The program was easy to start and do, took very little time and you could pretty much do it anywhere and without much equipment. I don’t really do the IF-Then thinking too often. But the biggest regret about this program is that it was so unbalanced. IF I would have incorporated something for legs and some pulling stuff THEN I would have had a pretty decent baseline going on. But at the time all of us kids were very active and outside all the time, so legs got a ton of exercise daily, running, playing, cycling etc. so that wasn’t really too bad. But the lack of pulling was a bad thing, and unfortunately it continued many years for me.

In hindsight I learned that the technique wasn't really that important when you get familiar with the exercises. I did the movements pretty fast, but I felt I was in control, and I got some results out of it, even friends saw those results (at least they said they did). Although the level of competition wasn't very high. Last thing I'll say is that I think bodyweight / calisthenics stuff really work well for kids, especially now that I have a young kid of my own. Some people are afraid of kids doing any strength training, but in my opinion they really should be doing that from a very young age, at least a little bit.

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  Mike Quinn
Posted by: Simple Simon - 08-22-2023, 12:18 PM - Forum: Training - No Replies

"Mighty" Mike Quinn Has Died at 61

"He was also notably outspoken about "taboo" subjects in the industry, such as steroid use"

"In her memorial post, [his sister] Kellie Quinn writes, "After a long illness, my brother Mike, a.k.a. "Mighty Mike Quinn", has received his angel wings. Michael touched many lives, and will be missed. We'll love you always, Kellie."

An exact cause of death is not currently known at this time, but it's clear from Kellie's post that Mike has been battling an illness."

"He was in a relationship at the time of his death, although the identity of his girlfriend is currently unknown."

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  Have you tried speed dating
Posted by: Plato - 07-05-2022, 06:09 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - No Replies

The women are not always the best, as not all take it seriously. But you date 20 to 30 Women for £10, to £20 pounds. 

You tick the match and they send you their results; at the end of the day.

It is better than online dating. 

I got all 5 matches, last time. And 3 dates, and one woman, I could of had sex with. Maybe another. But I was not looking for sex, I was looking for partner. 

I have been to 3 and it got boring after while. I don't like competing with other men, they seem get jealous or fight over the women. 

All in all, it was better than online dating. But not cold approach.

I was going to go to Christian one next time, hoping for better results. 

peace out!!!

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Big Grin The Tinder Swindler (2022)
Posted by: AleXandeR - 03-07-2022, 09:36 AM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (4)

An expensively produced documentary about what women want. 

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  Remember Mike Chang aka Six pack shortcuts - now he is motivational speaker
Posted by: Navigator - 01-10-2022, 07:40 PM - Forum: Natty Or Not - No Replies


Guy deflated his fake muscles and he has long hair now ahaha

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  Who's Natty And Who's Not?? (Finally Addressing This)
Posted by: Simple Simon - 12-30-2021, 02:12 AM - Forum: Natty Or Not - No Replies

Interesting discussion from Sean Nalewanyj

Who's Natty And Who's Not?? (Finally Addressing This) - YouTube

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  Dave Draper
Posted by: Simple Simon - 12-02-2021, 12:53 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (1)

Aptos resident Dave Draper, an iconic, former world-class bodybuilder, dies at 79 – Santa Cruz Sentinel[url=https://www.santacruzsentinel.com/2021/11/30/aptos-resident-dave-draper-an-iconic-former-world-class-bodybuilder-dies-at-79/][/url]

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  Taking a Brake From Women, Texting...etc.
Posted by: TruthSeeker - 08-22-2021, 05:34 AM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (23)

I lived through yet another summer of the same old dating nonsense.

Here's what happened:

1. Spammed a ton of women on social media. Got some dates. Got ghosted. Saw one of the women that allegedly really liked me on a date with another guy two days later. Btw she's an alleged Christian woman. (To be honest, she is in a Christian sect rather than a real Christian.)

2. Tons of pointless texting. 

3. The boyfriends of some women started writing me insults and threats. I played it cool and even invited one guy to come meet if he's so tough. He never replied.

4. Tons of women who are always "busy": travel, exams, I don't know what. 

I started talking with one woman in the beginning of the summer. She told me: "Can't meet. I have rehearsals from 9 to 22." Yeah, right, bitch.

5. I cold approached around 300 women for the good old times. Got 5 numbers and 6 facebooks. Only one of the women responded. She seemed really interested. When I asked her out, she said I'm married. 

That woman acted flirty as hell when we met. I guess she just wanted the attention. I responded: "Don't write me anymore then." She got furious and blocked me.

6. One woman that I was on a date with in February texted me in August. I asked her out again. She said "maybe in September. I'm traveling."

Well, fuck that, to be honest. 

I'm done at this point. 

What gets you is the repetitive pattern. You can't talk to so many women without experiencing some changes in you. 

Do you know how many times I see women on a street that I've talked to? I don't remember their names, but I do remember them. 

At this point, that's all I can do. I don't want to text anyone nor try.

I did my trying. 

It is what it is and there's that.

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  A cool website
Posted by: Plato - 08-10-2021, 07:34 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - No Replies


I found it and it looks cool.  Heart

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  Weird unmatching
Posted by: Loverboy - 07-08-2021, 10:37 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (30)

I recently installed two allegedly religious dating apps, despite that im atheist, mainly to see if things would be different on them (more matches, better behavior). On one of them i have matched with 3 women. One blocked me overnight despite that i thought it was going well, which is disappointing but at least i can make sense of it; maybe then she had gotten her validation or entertainment, or maybe she saw a bigger better match a little later, and blocked me. But two of them unmatched me immediately after we matched, before i could even go to the new conversation, which just doesnt make sense to me. Does anyone know why they would do that?

One of them in particular i dont understand and happened just now, causing me to make this thread. I sent a special message to her which she accepted, causing us to match. But before i could go to what should have been the new conversation, it said "unmatched". Why would you accept someone's special request to match with you, only to immediately unmatch them? It would seem like a bug or intentional sabotage by the app, but i suspect that's not cynical enough and they simply behave like that?

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