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  why i gave up the gym
Posted by: jimjohnson - Yesterday, 12:47 PM - Forum: Training - Replies (3)

Ok so i haven't stepped in a gym for about 4 years now.

Here is why:

1) Too time consuming. In my 20's the gym and bar was my life. Lift to look good and then party. So spending 10 hours + a week in thr gym was fine. I had friends there. Check out the girls etc. have a laugh and even lift a little.

  But now much older, married, kids, business I simply do not want to spend hours a week couped up in some gym lifting

2) Too expensive. Starts at £15 month but can go upto £70+ per month + driving there, and all the little extras.

3) Having to stand and wait my turn on the weight machine, especially in rush hour. Turns a 30 minute workout into 1hour+

4) The "Bro you need to do this  " culture. I never ask for advice nor want any off some meathead. But every time they seem it's their right to tell me i am lifting and doing it all wrong i should be doing reverse, upside curls on a swiss ball if i want to grow... Roll eyes

5) The sheer number of ignorance i see. Young kids followjg the Sueprman routine one week then the "Mission Impossible work out" the week after. People with no idea what they are trying to do walking around swinging a few weights here and there like zombies.

6) Personal trainers: Cringe worthy. Some fat weak personal trainer charging a fee so some fat slob can have smoke blown up his ass. 

  Just listening to their advice about lifting, fitness, diet leaves me shaking with anger. But i never say anything.

7) The sheer number of overweight, weak people that spend hours in there and never change anything. 12 months later they are still overweight and weak with very little muscle. Why don't they stop and ask why?  

8) The old couple (some not so) that chat away on the bike for 30 min's then run to the cake shop for a hot chocolate and cream cake thinking their 30 min bike ride gives therm the licence to eat those 800 cal's.

  So i got a barbell and rack for my garage. I work out about 1 hour a week. Focus is on diet now. I look lean and fit. It's about all i can aim for.

  It's such a small part of my life now and I am glad for it.,

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  Video games
Posted by: Jonesy - Yesterday, 10:58 AM - Forum: The Crazy World We Live In - Replies (4)

Are video games as bad as television and movies for numbing the masses with senseless entertainment? Or are they just a bit of fun?

I have to admit, I like a bit of gaming, but I sneer at other mainstream media sources. Maybe it makes me a hypocrite. Are games, like porn and TV series brainwashing us. I know I've been desensitized because when I play retro games that used to hold so much joy they now seem completely pointless. But the latest appeal of red dead redemption gets my addiction programming tingling. I'm drawn to the dopamine fiesta and the escape again.

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  The idiotic fitness articles thread
Posted by: Jonesy - Yesterday, 10:15 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (6)

I thought it would be funny to have a thread where we post some of the stupidest fitness articles we can find on the internet for all of us to laugh at and ridicule. 

I'll start.... T Nation article on the different types of bicep curls that you need to do in order to unlock massive arms. Apparently "you need more than standard curls for big biceps."


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  The illuminati (secret societies that rule the world)
Posted by: Jonesy - 11-13-2018, 05:53 PM - Forum: The Crazy World We Live In - Replies (10)

I firmly believe the world is run behind the scenes by one secret society. I think countries and politics are all an illusion to give the masses illusion of choice, freedom and control. 

Imagine if Trump and Kim Jong Ul answered to the same boss. I think they do. I think right wing vs left wing, republic vs democrat, tory vs Labour etc etc are all part of the grand design to divide and conquer and keep our minds engaged in manufactured divide. Two different branches of the same corrupt tree giving us the illusion of choice. 

I think the real enemy are the people behind the scenes orchestrating all of this.

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  Bee movie (2007)
Posted by: Brett - 11-13-2018, 04:54 PM - Forum: The Crazy World We Live In - Replies (3)

Has anybody watched the Bee Movie?

Its an animation that basically shows the similarity between humans and the lives of a bees although not directly but in a more philosophical way.

Basically we are just like bees. We are born. We get to "choose" which career we want to go into. We work for the monetary elite (similar to how bees work for their queen). Then we die. Instantly replaced.

The movie also touches on how real bees in the real world are basically being irradiated by fast expanding human development of cities and such. But thats not really the point of the movie only its face value. 

I can't stand most movies made today and often find myself watching the slightly older classics (like Clint Eastwoods or Quenton tarantino) with less in your face propaganda. One of the few new movies I was able to watch and enjoy this year was Hell Or High Water but that was about it. 

I also basically stopped watching series. There seems to be a new one every week. Its almost like they (the elite who fund these programs) are making them just to keep the masses entertained while their docile lives fade away, and the only thing that excites them is "the next episode" and the new smartphone they are gonna buy. Quite pathetic. Especially when you see a person pick up their smartphone after its just beeped notifying them of some irrelevant transmission, but the look on their face is priceless, pure bliss. 

That's my rant.

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  Dangerous exercises
Posted by: Simple Simon - 11-12-2018, 03:00 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (2)

I'd like to state that these exercises are dangerous. So no matter how effective  you believe they are, do not do them, because the risk of injury is too high.

And I say this as someone with a permanently damaged elbow, as a result of some of these movements, which now makes me unable to perform a whole range of otherwise safe movements.

- Press Behind the neck: Too much stress on the shoulders

- curl grip barbell rows: a bicep tear waiting to happing

- curl grip pull downs: as per above, plus they basically encourage terrible form

- overhead tricep extensions: stress the elbows too much

In reality, any movement can be dangerous if it is performed poorly, but I think the above actually cannot be performed in a manner that will not eventually cause injury.

Not necessarily dangerous, but I found them difficult to do without eventually using poor form

T-bar rows
Front squats
Hack squats
Behind the neck pulldowns

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  Scams of the Fitness Industry
Posted by: Simple Simon - 11-10-2018, 09:39 AM - Forum: Training - Replies (16)

I'll list mine. Feel free to question or add. 

- Consuming protein builds muscle.

Protein will only build muscle if there is a demand. Plus, protein requirements for this are grossly overstated. 

- Exercise to lose weight

The amount of energy utilized when exercising is so small that it can not have a significant effect on weight loss.

- Aerobic exercise of 20 min+ burns body fat.

Technically a correct statement, but the actual amount is minimal.

- Exercise stimulates your metabolism causing your body to burn additional calories during the day.

Again, technically a correct statement, but the actual amount is minimal

- Resistance training builds muscle so yo will burn additional calories. 

Again, technically a correct statement, but the actual amount is minimal.

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  [Online dating - Ways to master your game]
Posted by: khrazz - 11-09-2018, 11:25 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (15)


In this thread i am going to share my experience in how you can use online social media to increase your game and self confidence. Online dating is something relative new to the human world (almost 20-30 years old at the most) and as years go by new apps appear with a gazillion of new features. I remember when i was in my teens i used MSN extensively, while a lot of other teens (mostly girls) used Hi5. But those where pretty much it (at least in Greece as i recall) . I was a very troubled teen back then, and i found using the internet to meet people a lot "safer". Even then however i always used aliases and never my real photo cause i, for some strange reason back then, was ashamed of my face and i though i was ugly. The funny thing is that - according to a lot of women - i have met i am 9/10 in looks. Yet, i had a lot of trouble getting a girlfriend, and managed to get friendzoned 8 consecutive times before i finally got myself into a relationship. Obviously, it was my fault for the most part - but that i did not know that back then .  I am telling you this not to brag but to show you that even if you are a 10/10 if you play your cards wrong you are going to get dumped . It has nothing to do with looks (though they can act at your favor) but more with your persona. But more on that later.

Before we go onto the basics of a good profile, we first need to go to accept some certain rules of online dating. These rules act more as a psychological convinience because knowing beforehand what you will face is gonna let you accept bad results without you becoming frustrated and fed up.


1. Accept that this activity, is time consuming (like everything dating wise)
2. Accept that this activity, is shallow
3. Accept that you are talking to a stranger, and just like she would not share her deepest problems with you in person the first moment you see each other, it will be just like this through chatting. The only thing that changes is the removed tension you get when a stranger completely out of nowhere talks to you. Nothing more nothing less
4. Accept the fact that if she is on a dating site/chat she might be talking to other guys also.
5. Accept that she might be a slut looking for easy hookups and ways to cheat on her boyfriend while he is away. Something to note here, even flirt talking can be considered as cheating if taken too far. Always remember that women use social media as a way to get out their frustration - just like guys use the gym or football as a way to vent of anger.

After accepting the "acceptance" list, we move to the rules of online dating.


1. Never ever give your phone number to a "woman" you have just met online. You are going to 95% either get blown off (she will never call) or get pranked ("she" could be a dude just making fun of you). Always give your phone number after talking to her for at least 1 consecutive week, or for a couple of hours without pause.  Dudes who try prank people are usually more "aggresive" and usually provoke other men into giving their personal data - dont let this happen to you. IF SHE SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, SHE PROBABLY IS.
2. Do not send photos of you that could otherwise be used against you. This is especially true if you are talking to chatrooms which have no photos or if you use dating apps that are notorious for having a lot of spam bots or pranksters.
3. Along with rule 2, never ever share where you work, live, eat,poop etc. It might be a harmless woman just wanting to meet people, but it could also be a prankster or worse a phycho.
4. If you are given a facebook profile to add, always check her photos before adding. Why do this? Well i had to find this the hard way. Let me tell you a personal story. I was once chatting with a "girl". She seemed nice, and back then i had just broken up so i wanted to meet new women to have casual flings. Anyway we talked for a bit and after a certain point our conversation got stale (this is a bad sign, but not for the reason you think) so "she" asked for my profile so that she can see me. Anyway, i was very reluctant (having a lot of past experience on this i knew about such give-aways) but she insisted and actually said that she was about to leave from her home anyway and wanted us to keep in touch. So i gave her my profile. She saw me. And then gave me her profile. Her picture was astonishing. I was like wtf i am in love . Yeaaa not quite.. After adding her on facebook i did not get an answer from her for like a week. During that time, i did a brief research on her profile. Her profile seemed off. Not a lot of women replying to her photos, and there was a huge lack of photo variety. Long story short, it was a fake profile and the guy used an uknown model. So how do you check her photos?

  • If you see a perfect photo, always press "view image" and copy paste the link on google. If it happens to be a photo downloaded from google it is going to be shown. Some people take it a step further and use microsoft paint in order to remove the link, but if you do download the photo and right click on the files properties you are going to see when it was downloaded and when it was edited.
  • If the profile you are given looks barren and otherwise fake, it is
  • If the profile has only male comments on her photos, its fake
  • if she gets comments from women that look like porn star material its fake - and it pays to check their profile also. Usually such trolling profiles are open but that openess can open your mind and save you from ridicule.

Now, we finally move to the laws. The laws are not to be broken. They serve as a way to maximize your outreach and game.


1. Your profile, is your identity. Which means, no dark pictures, no creepy pictures of you watching anime,no stupid cat pictures from lolcats.com
2. Your photos, need to be top notch and well though. You can have some random photos here and there, but they must be limited.
3. If you happen to be very muscular  DONT have pictures of you naked, unless you are searching for a hookup. If you want a relationship, what you need to build is tension. If she sees your body, before you getting naked infront of her, you remove the tension and possibly her interest in you. She will most likely just masturbate to your picture and thats it. Just like guys get over their ex by faping to her pictures. Plus (this happened to me) you run the risk of running in a shallow chick who wants a muscular man besides her so that she can feed her insecurities.
4. Always ask questions and sinsirely be interested in what she says. A lot of women go through guys who ask like 2-3 questions and then proceed to call them up for a hookup.
5. You need to have a life outside of social media. And she needs to see this. She needs to see what you personally have to offer and what goals you have. I am not talking about going to the clubs and getting smashed, i am talking about having your life in order, and simply allowing her to join your life, not the other way around.
6. Dont be a message gypsy. Dont shower her with fake compliments, or with a gazillion of questions. You need to be aloof. Women get wet for aloof men (unless she is mentally ill and wants 24/7 attention) This goes weill with point 5. to having a life outside of social media, and simply letting her enter your life, instead of begging her to accept you.
7. NEVER EVER change who you are for her. That is a recipe for disaster. You are you, and she is she. If she cannot accept you for what you are, then she has no place in your life.

Why all this you might ask? Cant she like me for my personality????

Well yes, she can. But part of her liking you, is her sexual attraction  and sexual tension. I am sorry to say this, but if you are really overweight or underweight, you are going to have a harder time matching with most women. Part of my past sexual failures was not only me being shy, but also me being very underweight (weighing 50kilos at 1.70).
Humans are ego driven animals. They always want the "perfect match" for them. Also, humans use visual perception as a way to assess their partners health. Other mammals use smell and pheromones to find their potential mate, and their strong scent acts as a shield against sick mates. If someone has a visual deficit, the human eye will always catch up to it and then the brain will immediately think that something is wrong with the image it "sees" . Is that bad? Well yes and no. Its something that is hard wired to our human DNA. You cant simply "get rid of it" much like you cant get rid of the need to sleep. Afterall, this hate for visual deficit is what helped us humans survive for so many years. Our brains love symmetry, but completely hates assymetry cause the later seems odd to the brain and gives the idea that something is wrong .

This is the reason men like "curvy" women, and women like "triangle" men. Those bodytypes are hard-wired to our brains as a way to assess the health of our partner .

Thats the end of the thread. Hope you enjoyed :Big Grin i might add a few things if i forgot about them - i hope i helped you guys ! I would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks a lot for reading

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  Ronnie Coleman: Mr Olympia’s troubling downfall
Posted by: Simple Simon - 11-09-2018, 08:23 PM - Forum: Training - Replies (3)


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  Dating advice
Posted by: Jonesy - 11-09-2018, 07:02 PM - Forum: Love & relationships... - Replies (7)

We can all agree that the modern dating game is strictly in favour of the female. But what can we do? I thought it would be good to have a thread where the natties share advice on what is best to do when trying to secure love in a world where slayers and alpha chads seem to have free reign.

Do we have a chance at all? Or is the modern dating game simply a futile task in frustration?

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