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Have you tried speed dating - Plato - 07-05-2022

The women are not always the best, as not all take it seriously. But you date 20 to 30 Women for £10, to £20 pounds. 

You tick the match and they send you their results; at the end of the day.

It is better than online dating. 

I got all 5 matches, last time. And 3 dates, and one woman, I could of had sex with. Maybe another. But I was not looking for sex, I was looking for partner. 

I have been to 3 and it got boring after while. I don't like competing with other men, they seem get jealous or fight over the women. 

All in all, it was better than online dating. But not cold approach.

I was going to go to Christian one next time, hoping for better results. 

peace out!!!