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Kevin Levrone
Kevin Levrone Is Training 6 Hours a Day To Win His Olympia Comeback

("Anyone who sees the athletes at this level and just writes it off as steroids obviously doesn’t understand the amount of hard work that it takes.")
It's all drugs and genetics. Levrone = crazy genetics and reaction to juice. Probably is pretty smart with his juicing plan too.

I am not following the current Olympia events. It's probably a publicity stunt.
But "he’s doing a couple hours of cardio every day, eating a meal every two and a half hours, lifting hard for 90 minutes, then hitting the weights for another couple hours."
The guy is definitely a freak, but it's mostly genetics. This is true for all great bodybuilders. Levrone has great structure and muscle bellies. Obviously, resilient organs too. He should have been Mr. Olympia in his prime.

Bodybuilding = genetics + drugs + nutrition + some training.

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