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AAS and 1940s
Quote:I dont think you can recover naturally without any chemical assistance. Actually, you can, theoretically, but your life will be a living hell for a couple of weeks. I dont think you would love to have no androgens in your body. You feel totally like shit. Its actually then that most people experience severe post-cycle depression.

Most of my friends and quite a few people that I know don't do PCT. And I have seen their blood tests and they are always fine. It's just that people are afraid and they just repeat what others tell them. So even if there is no fucking reason to take some drug they will still take it. Just like your brain senses when your testosterone is too high and shuts down you endogenous production it will sense when your testosterone is too low and it will start your natural production again. The idea that you MUST do PCT and somehow help your body is just another bullshit. And people forget that those drugs can have their own side effects too. As my friend once told me "This is the first and last time I took this shit (clomid)". And he is not the only one, a lot of others told me that they feel even worse when they take clomid. I also know a guy who fucked himself up with letrozole, he is not the same even after four years. At the end, it's your body and your decision, if someone wants to take more drugs and do PCT, that's his choice. The point is that there is another option, you know, let your body recover naturally, but no one speaks about that because people just repeat the same shit over and over again and no one questions the main dogma. So I am not saying whether someone should take it or not, I am just saying you DON'T HAVE to and you will be fine still. But that's also the bodybuilding mentality thing - for every problem just take a new drug, it will fix everything.
Isn't the PCT popular only in the last 10-15 years? An older roid head told me that in the early 90s they used to stack test and dbol and control the estrogen with masteron and if they wanted to go hard they hopped on tren or deca. They didn't know anything about PCTs and blood test.
Yes, masteron is antiestrogen, a lot of people like it because of that. Very underrated steroid.

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