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When Will Jesse Become As Big as AthleanX?
Jesse has be trained for years by one of the greatest experts on the planet and yet the size discrepancy between the two guys is still very big.

When will the magical techniques of AthleanX  give Jesse the ultimate mass? 

Probably right around the time when negging starts getting you 10/10s, waking up at 5am everyday makes you a billionaire, and cold showers send your testosterone through the roof.
Well at least we know Jesse is a natural, good for him. I guess following Jeff's advice killed his gains. According to Jeff, everything kills your gains. Jesse probably just isn't doing enough face pulls. Jeff isn't all that big himself, although he is ripped.
There is an entire youtube channel dedicate to debunking Jeff Cavaliere. Jeff is the king of weird and unnecessary exercises. Jeff does not know how to program.

Jeff should be nicer to Jesse, and provide a link to Jesse's instagram.

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