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I will just leave that RedPill Here
old time thot
The top comment on the video says it best: 

"A nice story wrapped around a couple of big lies. There's something oddly callous about the relish with which the reporter describes Warren's death. Here's a guy who put food on the table and raised another man's child, but he doesn't fit the storyline so screw him."

This story reinforces that women are never to be trusted; they will always look for an upgrade if the opportunity presents itself. If she tells you the handsome bodybuilder she has a crush on is 'nothing to worry about', don't believe her - he may be the father of your son.

Warren must be turning in his grave.
Woman fall for physical look and fame - that's the point, at least for me
"Keep on looking for that perfect guy, hes out there, he may be looking for you"
- Delusional

Heres a woman that never had to take any responsibility for her actions. Unaware that shes giving young women possibly some of the worst advice. Shes has the mindset of a teenager who never grew up. 

Shes the epitome of all women today (98.9% of them).

"Ill raise the baby as if my own"
What the fuck? If this old whore is to be believed, cucks like him deserve getting all the things that happen to them. Also the comment section is fucking pathetic white knight shit, like the second comment. "self respect", "discipline", "faithful to her marriage until the death of her former husband", what the fuck is this idiot spouting? Shouldnt this bitch get beaten to a pulp by her husband and society at large? Sees guys, rape and domestic violence are not that bad. If you are not willing to stand up for your dignity, people will just exploit it to no end, no matter how close they are.
Thanks for the redpills Truth

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