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The E-Lifters and Their Lies: Why People Online Are Always Lifting More Than You
The Internet creates unrealistic expectations for two main reasons:

1. The highlight effect

The Internet offers the necessary channels for omnidirectional transport of information . Therefore, a lot of examples include an incredibly large pool of people. When the pool is that big, the number of individuals better than you increases. This is why it is easier to become a regional champion than a world champion, provided that your region is not the best in the world.

Consequently, people conclude that they suck and get depressed.

The same phenomenon is observed in the online dating market - you compete against the whole town. Since, by default, the average person cannot be the best in town, he gets demotivated and replaced by the "superior" specimen. 

The reason for that is the highlight effect.

2. People lie

Many people feel pressured to lie about their lifts even online where nobody can see your face unless you want them to. It may not make sense on paper, but it does happen. There is a powerful phenomenon called "online pride" forcing people to cover their accomplishments with make-up.

This is also backed by the fact that the miraculous lifts that people brag about are often a rarity in the gym.
It's a sad fact of life everyone lies to a degree. Some people actually try and limit the amount of lying they do..others don't give a rats ass. Most "gossip" are lies..but most people love it. Damm the facts they get in the way of a good story.

Online...sadly..most of what you read is a lie. You young, narcassists competing with each other and what you get is a complete mess.

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