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Just another notch. Nothing else.
What a steroid samurai would tell to a recreational naive bodybuilder-gymrat in order to sell him more and more anabolic stuff:

Hey you, remember me? I'm your long lost friend. You thought you got rid of me, now i am back in style again. Tell yourself that you don't know me, you don't know my name. I don't care. are going down to the devil's bar to meet the man. You will give him everything you ve feel the pump again... 
Feel the pump, welcome home.
Now you realize why I'm your very best friend. Damn it feels smooth, doesn't it?
I'm your hungry think you've fed me enough?You better think again!!!And now, this time, what you're feeling is a little too much...they'll find you cold in
your hack-squat machine.

You are just another notch for me.

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