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Fundamentals of Writing
I'm getting into writing and copywriting, what are some good books or material I can read that'll help me?

I'm having a hard time finding real quality books, written by people who are actually dedicated to the craft, but all I keep coming across is heavily marketed bullshit

I need the stuff that's not popular if you get my drift, cuz whats popular, is never true.

its just so damn hard finding it
I'm no writer, but I often read for fun. As far as book recommendations go, I say just read what you want. Any published book/novel has undergone extensive editing to ensure that the written English is of good quality. If you don't like mainstream fiction, that's fine, just read more obscure novels by lesser-known authors. Consistently exposing yourself to well-written English in the form of novels, books, etc is one of the best ways to improve your writing; you will subconsciously pick up many things that you can use in your own writing (new vocabulary, better ways to structure sentences, use of imagery, etc.)

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