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What keeps you from killing yourself right now? I know that all of you here are highly distressed and just ready to blow up, so what is keeping you from pulling the trigger? For me, i don't even know. Its getting harder for me everyday to stay positive, and there's only work and work and work ahead of me to keep me going. I try not to think about death and rationalize that suffering is a trait that all man has to go through if one wishes to be stronger. People my age are dropping like flies from the same symptoms and nobody cares, the system even actively tries to negate and bury the fact under ground. There is no honor, we live like fucking dogs begging for treat from the system, live like fucking sissies and women, fucking parasites without a drop of sympathy.

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If you kill yourself, they win. Suicide is a self-induced abortion essentially. And that's a sacrifice that the elite likes.
I don't go down without a fight . also truth seeker that is amazing sentences right there
If you want to kill yourself - then just do it.

If you 'want' to but don't (when you have the means), then that means you truly don't want to.

So then you just enjoying self pity and loathing yourself which comes from the ego.

I don't think i could do it I try too many times, I all ways said ill kill instead of suicide. I rather die that way. something must been holding me back

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