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Advanced Routines: Sets & Reps
For those of you who have been doing this for a while, what are your routines for hypertrophy? I’ve been training for many years, life long drug free, and I do 5 sets of each exercise, 3 exercises per body part, and I like 72 hrs rest before training the same body part again. Exceptions to the 72 hour rule are abs, calves and forearms.
I’m also a life long natty. I’m 38 and have been lifting pretty seriously since I was 15. Today I am no bigger or stronger than I was at 24-25 at my peak. I have tried it all. The only way I can get bigger or stronger significantly would be by using the goods. I follow a minimalist push/pull routine 6 days a week and also run 2-3 miles every day pretty much to keep the lard away. Has worked well so far. I can see my abs year round but in the spring and summer I cut cals to look a little better for the beach or pool.
I thought that before I went to a powerlifting gym and got a lot bigger and stronger by competing pl.

Try this.
80 percent carb, 10 percent protein, 10 percent fat.

Eat as much as you want.

Train... All low reps. Every couple of months swop the exercise to the alternative, then go back to the original
whatever you can get into an hour after warming up. Maybe 20-30 sets max.
sq or front squat
bench or dips
deadlift or trap bar
Military press or press behind neck
narrow or wide chins.

One day do weights, next do your cardio rinse and repeat.
There are no super secret advanced routines. An advanced lifter is just a beginner making slow gains. Simple routines work even for advanced people. The difference is that the gains are a tiny percentage of what a beginner may acquire.

Contrary to popular belief, I actually think that advanced lifters should be training less because their efforts have a very low return on investment.

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