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we need police lie!
For centuries we self police our self and protect our own self and beliefs.  When we gave our freedom to group people with weapons to protect it from other people with weapons is were we went wrong.  Yes there was war but that was evil empires trying to control other tribes into submitting. 

Most people respected and trusted  there leaders so that in it self puted people in line .  Law is big lie that you need group gang members to protect you from another group of gang members. 

It's crazy how our system is base of means of production it means that everything is business not about people and that people are products really  is crazy.  People don't even know there product your slave at least in spartan your Rome you knew you were slave oh wait in spartan the slaves lived better lives then we do know . Because slaves made spartan village very rich with there cleverness hitechy heritage system .

Private people owning the means of production while other work for them just to live what cleaver slave system.
Some slavery people didn't work somtimes because they made spartan village so rich .

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