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Demi Moore looks pretty much the same like 20 years before
Recently I watched movie Rough Night - Demi Moore who plays episode role in this movie looks pretty much the same as in movie Striptease from more than 20 years before
I take ti almost hard to believe
Pretty much every article about Hollywood stars assure you that all is in training and nutrition, healthy life style, some special daily routines etc
Moore also said that he never undergone aestetic surgery
Hahaha sure thing bro - judging from the look of her she is full of botox and other shit
Your toughts?
I haven't seen her, but it's a movie - everything's possible.

Nobody looks the same 20 years apart. Some people age slower than others on the outside, but everyone ages.

Many women buy the Hollywood LIE that you can look good until the end of time and postpone marriage and kids.

To know how she really looks, you have to know her in real life.

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