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is mental illness real ?
hell yes but also no most of us ancestor's lived with illness but they had community to love and support them . ,most our response's  are human to do so . but what also weird because they say it not , a mental  illness will develop because your oppressing human expression .  it not really that confusing in fact am shocked there not much mass killing because to feel alive and way to express it taken away from us . even normal people are mental ill we all are . some more than other's . not only that it bubble in artificially reality that will never blame system of coursing  mental illness yes people it normal to do some boring job over and over ... yea right if you don't want to kill at the end of that then you my friend are not human.  

yes people are mental ill but also most time people are just being  human , artist and music and people of writing and people that express them self will suffer more and people of mind thinking maybe even end up being psychopathic because  of it.

to want to feel alive I bet people like that are not mental ill put trying to express what they truly are death and killing is only human we shouldn't stop free will of human bean .

killing someone who oppresses you is normal. the people who rob me were human to do so . but wrong to target our own people other human should only attack government.

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