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anyone ever think about killing people
I feel like trapped in this society unable to make choices, through about killing to feel emotion and to feel I have control.  I believe when push fighting back is normal.  But In world when you do its consider wrong, I feel like am oppressing my emotional thoughts because ignore what my body does stress and depression kick in . Like mabey feeling emotions and fighting back is just our biology against authority. Am not saying go around and kill people but I think people who push you and authority that's affect you its normal to fight back. I think school shooters are not as crazy as we think? Mabey they were fed up with society but couldn't Express there emotion. 

If group of men banged together to fight government they be called criminals but aren't they really freedom fighters . Its weird how they say working ar dead end job is normal.

My favourite  quto is" I believe people who act on there own free will have more vaule."

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