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I may be mental I'll but society is wrong to diagnose me with other mental illness he
So I actually explain something to my psychologist about society and how the job would make anyone sad and crazy and want to kill people because it takes away of being human and making choices.  Guess what they come back with psychosis really what a joke . Mabey I have it do to nightmare that I get but to tell me am mental I'll in society that cause mental illness and basically there saying normal functioning human is someone who obey and packs bags in warehouse sorry that's insanity . A human need excitement.  To feel emotion take that away and they go crazy .
If man is not judge by hes choices then can hes soul have vaule .

Mabey bpd is not ever mentalill mabey it's just human to have these feelings your mabey society cant take blame because it's doesn't blame it self.

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