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How To Restart a Dead Text Conversation
Let's say that you face a common dilemma: you have been talking to a lead, I mean a woman, but she is not responding to your messages – she is either leaving you on delivered or seen for an obscene amount of time or simply never answering.

The "You have nothing to lose." mindset may tell you to restart the conversation. The experts may advise you to send her a funny gif of a stupid cat or a retarded dog that will make her reply. What do you have to lose? She is already ignoring you after all?

Well, technically, there's nothing to lose, but there are still two problems:

1. You are begging.
2. She is getting away with disrespectful behavior.  

If she is not replying, it's because she does not like you. 

She is NOT testing you. She is NOT playing hard to get. She is playing IMPOSSIBLE to get because she does not want to be with you. You are nothing to her – just a collection of words in her phone. 

So, the best way to restart a dead conversation is to start another one with a different woman who is hopefully more interested in you than your current chat buddy. 

Remember that if it was her in that position, she would do NOTHING. She wouldn't double text you. She wouldn't send you photos. She wouldn't send you jokes. She wouldn't care. 

Why should you?  

She is not better than you. Trust me.

The Rules

1. If you are left on seen after a question, you NEVER write her again. It does not matter how stupid the question was. Being left on seen after a question is a huge act of disrespect and quite honestly women who do that to you do not deserve a second chance.
2. If you are left on delivered for a long time but still receive an answer every 12 hours or so, you may try to push for a date after a short exchange. Don't get your expectations up.
3. If you are left on seen without asking a question, you may try to start a new topic, but your chance to succeed is probably slim to none. Nonetheless, it exists since women these days are too lazy to keep a conversation going unless you are pulling words out of their mouths.

In general, if you think that a conversation is going nowhere - you are probably right.
After reading the title I was worried that you had taken the blue pill. Luckily I was wrong.


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