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Benefits of Chin-Ups vs Curls

Solution: weighted chin-ups can build size in biceps. 

So, hypothetically, if I do weighted one-arm chin-ups, would that bring size to biceps faster? Anyone here tried one-arm chin up? I tried to do it, but couldn’t even hold on one arm for more than 3 seconds. It hurt as hell.
You mean you can't even dead hang hold on arm? If so try to train one arm dead head at least two times a week, 3 sets, hold as much as you can.
To do weighted OAC you need to able to do the OAC in first place. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet.

Doing one arm chin-up is like being able to do a chip-up with 65-70% of your body weight.
There where some tests done with rock climbers who where able to do 8-10 OAC, which translated to 8-10 reps of chin-ups with 65% of their body weight.
What is your weight?

Also if you want to progress faster with with your chin-ups/OAC I recommend halt the the lowerbody workouts or at least decrease them.
There are a lot of guys who recommend negative OACs, but I don't recommend it for guys who can't do at least 4-5 chin-ups with at least 30-40% of their body weight. OAC negatives do a lot of damage to the untrained tendons and takes a lot of time to recover. Unless you weight 60 kg, but if you are +80 kg person better don't do negatives.

Also your biceps(actually any other muscle) growth rate is limited over X amount of time, doesn't really matter if you train low rep/high intensity or high rep/low intensity, you will end up with the same amount of muscle mass in your biceps.

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