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Calisthenics high-rep athletes ?
What do you think of these guys? I sometimes suspect that they are on roids. They do usually some crazy routines. I will post IG link below. Maybe not everyone is on roids but I think most of them are. They do some crazy routines

Many of those guys look natural to me. As a whole, calisthenics are clean. Of course, there are exceptions - usually super popular guys with suspects stats.
LOL, the last picture of Saibov is with this guy Viktor Kamenov, he is no more than 170 cm and 62-63 kgs and overall he looks small, with shirt on you won't even say that he trains.
Most of these guys have really good muscle insertions and even at low bodyweight they can look like they are mass monsters, but in really life they aren't that big.

And yeah, there are exceptions. This guy all seemed juice to me, but I don't know... he and some of these guys actually have very big bony hands with thick wrists, which is very good predictor for high muscle growth potential.
Jesus. These guys are insanely strong. They seem to do a lot of muscle ups, which seem to give them serious upper body muscles. I’m definitely going to train muscle ups soon in the future. Also want to train for one arm pull-ups as well.

Also, fitlife_semi is an example of someone who was predetermined at birth to have perfect muscle insertion genetics. No steroid in the world can help give a person (with sub-par genetics) perfect insertions like his. Fuck. This makes me mad. Lol
Also forgot to add that they are not high-rep(assuming high reps/volume with low intensity), but they do the usual progressive overload with added weights. They have some instagram posts with high rep videos, but their main workout is with high intensity.

I will add this guy, crazy strong:
There is a video where he is doing 106 kg dip @ 67 kg

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