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Freelee The Banana Girl - some dirty laundry
Probably anyone had heard of her and her hilarious and mind boggling crap

Some interesting "dirty laundry"
Loads of crap on a crappy site, but it's a good insight on youtube celebrity whoring

"The boyfriend of a diet guru famous for eating 51 bananas a day claims he could 'retire in 100 countries' due to the $10,000 he makes a month 'pimping her out' across YouTube"

In Mr Johnstone's vegan-themed book, titled Carb The F*** Up: Follow Your Heart With No F**** Given, he claims he makes $10,000 a month from his various YouTube channels.
'Yep, easy money isn't it just for doing videos on health, sharks, bike stuff and pimping out my girlfriend... hey, sex sells and so does the fear of sharks,' he wrote.
'We troll the internet with the health message and use whatever means possible to get that message out there ... swearing, sharks or cleavage usually works pretty good.
'I'm 37, zero debt, enough money in the bank to retire in about 100 different countries for the rest of my life... thanks, YouTube!'
His book also goes on to say Mr Johnstone isn't there to make friends, he 'doesn't care' who he offends in his online posts and he welcomes trolls.
'The only reason I delete or block someone is so they get fired up and talk about us on someone else's video,' he wrote.
'That way, they advertise us — and for free.'

This pretty much sums everything about YouTube "celebrities"


She allegedly live in secluded jungle home - or not?
Also, her ex boyfriend accused her of using botox as she claimed that she gave up all cosmetics and modern conveniences
More lies and all for money, fame and popularity
No idea who this is. But I know duranrider. He had some nice fake natties videos. Don't care about the vegan thing.

In general, it's been my observation, that many women have gotten smarter and abuse their power online. Maybe this is the case for this one?
I’ve known about these two degenerates since 2015.
Durianrider is a conman. Websearch the Anthony Colpo takedown of durianrider. Durianrider seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Freelee, like a stalker.
Both of them claimed to eat thirty bananas a day. 51 was a supposed one time record.
Daily mail portal is utter crap, but they seem to cover this story pretty well

By her own words, she suffered from drug addiction, bulimia, anorexia and eating disorders until she become vegan
Probably had some serious mental isusses and maybe still has
It's quite normal to regain your health when you jump in healthier lifestyle like veganism - you will have the pretty much same results if you just eat healthy and be physically active though, and definitely you shouldn't become vegan for that
I highly doubt that she eat that much bananas and potatoes - it's probably just shock and provocative statement to gather more popularity, contraversy and traffic
Hats down to her because she is pretty good in marketing herself and her lifestyle and hooking up guilable and stupid people (just look the number od subscribers on her channel, she is making thousands of dollars every month from that thing alone)
And looks pretty hot on some pictures aside from fake tits haha

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