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Women Are Totally Addicted to Their Phones
[Image: woman-828888-960-720.jpg]

Women are completely addicted to their devices which act as slot machines. You are constantly wondering how many notifications you are going to get. And since women get more of those, they completely submerge in the phone-induced dopamine. 

One time a girl had come for an interview at a place where I was working. After the interview, she was given a task. The whole time she was texting. She didn't have the common sense to turn off her phone.

Most girls have their Wi-Fi/mobile data on all the time and develop the habit of checking for messages and notifications every few minutes. I am not joking. I've worked in a sexist company consisting of 80% women for a long time and know how it goes.

One woman next to me was an exceptionally bad case. Her mechanics were as follows: 1 minute of work - check phone - 2 minutes of work - check phone - 3 minutes of work answer text messages...etc. You get the idea. 

This behavior destroys your attention span and makes you non-productive. 

More importantly, however, it creates an artificial world of self-sufficiency. 

Unfortunately, the problem is too deep already and most women and some men, of course, do not have the necessary will power to improve their phone hygiene. 

Why does she need you when she has a phone filled with direct and indirect offers from men submitting for the same position?

In short

The smartphone has done an almost irreparable damage to the female mind.
Totally true.
One of my female colleagues is using feature phone, she finds smartphones complicated and unpractical
Ha - would you look at that?
Also my gf is using simple phone with very basic internet connectivity and some shitty camera (old Blackberry phone), mainly for sms, calling and some googling on internet, no social apps at all
But I guess that this examples are rarity in today's world

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