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Fitness Industry Scams
Interesting thread Quora
What is the biggest hoax in the bodybuilding industry?
What are the most damaging fitness myths that are being perpetuated?

What is the biggest fitness myth you wish was exposed?

"Gosh, where does one even begin!?

The fitness industry as a whole is a scam, lol"
Following on from exercise to lose weight/bodyfat being a fitness industry scam...

Diet and supplements to add lean mass (muscle tissue) is a fitness industry scam.
The natural genetic limitations doesn't exist. You can build very small quantity of muscle mass for your whole life. Biggest bullshit I ever heard among the gym rats. Even a FUCKING PERSONAL TRAINER SAID THAT!

My first major 3 Red Pills in my life that disappointed me very bad:

1. Santa Claus and Easter Bunny are both mythological creatures
2. There is natural genetic limitations when it comes to build muscle mass and your maximum potential doesn't make you look like a Greek god Adonis, also your genetic plays the most important role in muscle development.
3. Women doesn't love you for your personality or because you are a good guy. They "love" you for what you can offer or do for them. Yes, women are natural parasites.

Also, there are a lots of other Red Pills, but those three were the most difficult to "digest".

Have a nice day, lads and take your daily dose of Red Pills
(11-24-2020, 02:27 AM)Simple Simon Wrote: exercise to lose weight/bodyfat a fitness industry scam

Interesting. Would like to know how they controlled for calories consumed, and then how much weight each individual lost.

[url=]Want to lose weight with exercise? You're looking at 300 minutes a week[/url]
Abdominal routines for visible abdominal muscles
ANY exercise machine that its purveyors claim will give you visible abdominal muscles.
I've been reading the below book ('Big Fat Lies' by David Gillespie), and it has a section on the lie of exercise for weight loss.

It claims that it was known for years that exercise did nothing for weightloss, goes through the origin of how the lie formed, and how it is now a health/fitness industry scam.

[Image: search?view=detailV2&ccid=bdF6qJbe&id=B8...ajaxhist=0]
(david gillespie big fat lies - Bing images)

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