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Ronnie Coleman: Mr Olympia’s troubling downfall
So Coleman's mobility issues are actually due to surgery issues rather than steroids.

Similairly, if someone juices up to 350lbs+, and then drops dead, it's the weight not the steroids.
Well, it's not about steroids and surgeries, it's about doing dumb things. As far as I know he was fine after first couple of surgeries, but then he started lifting heavy again and that was really really stupid. Sometimes you have to know when to calm down.
was he the ex cop? I get mixed up with him Heath...

well ho doesn't look great now..and people only care about now.
(01-28-2019, 12:21 PM)jimjohnson Wrote: well ho doesn't look great now..and people only care about now.

The illusion incarnated by professional bodybuilders disappears completely when our precious heroes end their careers eventually. Then they return down to earth, and look like what? Like you and me, often even worse. The magic is gone. Yet the devil still demands his paycheck ...
So no mention of the fact that Coleman used the most atrocious form. This would have multiplied the forces on his body. Or is such form std amongst pro's?

(01-28-2019, 12:21 PM)jimjohnson Wrote: was he the ex cop?

Yes. But also, he was Mr O with the bloated stomach of a sumo wrestler.
Look at Arnie would never think he used to be a Mr "O" would you?

Is that becausu their nat T are shot for good?
^ I don't know about steroids shutting down your natural T production after you go off them, as I've never used them. But re. Arnold S, ummm... the man is now in his 70s.
EVen so....he could be in much better shape.

All former Mr O's never look good older.

T levels are probably shot for good
Ronnie Coleman delivers his top training tips to help sculpt the perfect rig
Doing max attempts with powerlifting gear on top of a shitton of heavy training with bad form takes a toll on the body.

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