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Jeff Nippard – Natty Or Steroids?
The newest article on the site:

Jeff Nippard – Natty Or Steroids?
Thank you, man. Those who want to see will. Those who don't, will not.
His fanboys are mentally challenged. I remembar showing them this picture and they were like "Nah, bro, he looks full because he is short. And he knows how to train, he uses scientific approach." Riiiiiight... Ok, I am done.
So many people talk about this guy trough the years and I barely watched anything from him.
So today I decided to look whats up and came across this video:

I am loling at ~0:55 when he says "I don't even know what most of this stuff is", yea sure, one of the most scientific fitness channels on youtube and he he don't know what this stuff is... come on. 

1:46 "a random drug test", come on, he don't even need to be tested, everybody can fake some paper with natty looking results. Also if he really got tested at one point of life that doesn't mean we were always natty. Actually you can be cruising on low 150 mg/week test dose and still pass for natty for these test. 

I skipped a little bit.... and 15:35 "99,9% that someone like Sam would be natural 100% natural" You can see how these fake nattys support each one to keep the fake dream alive. OWOWW you can see the comments in this video where Jeffy Nippy is defending himself and and big roided black guy. 

If you guys go one some roid forum and look at some before/after pics will see that even after bunch of cycles there are people who barely look like him. 
There is one thing to admire these fake nattys, most of everything they have impressive acting skills.
Of course they are defending each other, they are brothers in arms. It's really amusing. Actors act because that's their job, but they act in order to deceive people. Honestly, I look at them the same way I look at politicians - they are deeply disturbed people. Just imagine talking, joking and laughing with other people every day but also lying at the same time. I don't know how they can sleep at night. Really sick people.
When I think about Jeff Nippard and Alpha Destiny, I think about how they both weigh around 170 at pretty low body-fat percentages. I then remember that Athlean X is 5'10 or so and weighs 165-170 (a lot of people also suspect him of being on something).

So now, if the Athlean X guy is on something and he's 5-6 inches taller than these two AND he's an"expert", how the hell would Jeff Nippard and ESPECIALLY alpha destiny (who is the youngest of them with the least training experience) be able to outweigh him??

Once I think like that, I find it really hard to believe they are natty.
If there bigger than 150 to 170 there most likely on something if there body fat is 10%. and 3D effect is big sign tbh

Just look at comments - are they serious?

Quote:So because he is intelligent he is not natty. Very weird logic. This is achievable with a good diet...

....And with 5 + years of training with great genetics

I mean - hahah Smile

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