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This Workout Would Destroy Almost Any Follower of Rippetoe
[Image: Murph-WOD-v2.png?resize=450%2C547]
is this using body only workout
Done that wod more than a few times over the years when I used to do lots of crosshit. Mainly just jerking off with lots of huffing and puffing. Good way to kill your self and go nowhere basically. As is with most xfit wods. I mean 100 pull ups lol if you are using pretty decent form you gonna be there a while.
I thought you were supposed to do 100 pull-ups total in as many sets as possible.

Otherwise, it makes no sense.
You are. If you are doing it for the sake of just doing something then go at it. It is a good test of muscular endurance with some running mixed in to finish you off. But unless you plan to do it weekly to improve upon your time for that specific workout you are just excercise jerking off. Doing things just to do them. I think the main point of any hero wod in Crosshit is to let everyone know you did it on social media, that way everyone knows you are an idiot lmao
And what is wrong with doing things just to do them?

Why should everything be a part of some mastermind plan? What is the end game after all? To become a good bencher and squatter? How useful is that in the first place?
Nothing is wrong with it if it’s what YOU wanna do. Just depends on what intrigues you I guess...
I’ve done that particular WOD plenty of times over the years when my training focus shifted in that direction. Like I stated, it is a good test if that is what you are after. However my days of doing mind numbing grueling workouts like that one for no added benefit to my strength and fitness levels are over. I can maintain all my natty gains with a simple running and lifting program that doesn’t leave me picking myself up off the floor every day gasping for air. Sore as shit day in and day out.
nice way to grind your body to dust.

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