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high protein
Currently giving this a whirl.

The fake nattys are selling protein etc and claiming that is the reason for the gainzzzz.

Well, I am trying a 10% protein diet.  In fact I don't really measure it, just eat nearly all plant based and have some beans and a few nuts.  

So far seems fine.

Maybe the real money end of the scam is not the roids, it's the protein?
I ate no more than 90g of protein a day on average, really don't know exactly how much because I stopped being obsessed with that shit long time ago
Just for experiment, one time I tried to up protein intake to see what happens and guess what - only thing that I got was more fat and very little (if any) muscles
Just stick to whole food and you will be fine - average , recreational lifter who hits gym couple of days in a week hardly needs more than 100-120g of protein
High protein diet is propaganda sold to you by supplement sellers and their bitches
The industry has an incentive to load you with protein. If they could, they would come up with a study saying that you need 1 kilo of the stuff.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a relation between the total caloric intake and protein. If your overall calories are enough or high, you need less protein as the extra calories from the fats and carbs have a protein sparing effect - since the body is supplied with enough calories, it does not have to convert the protein it receives into energy.

However, if you drop your calories real low, you would benefit from extra protein. This is the principle behind the protein fasting diets which demand a very high consumption of protein.

In general, I would say that anything over 100 grams (that's generous) is not needed for the average lifter.

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