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Rules of Engagement (pun intended)
Straight to the point. In no particular order.

- If you have to use 'red pill' on her, you have already lost.

- If she mentions unequal rights of women, feminism, etc she's broken.

- If her mom dominates her dad, she's broken.

- If she grew up with no father present, she's broken.

- If one of her siblings are gay or lesbian, she's probably broken. If one of her parents are bisexual she is broken.

- If she has tattoos, multiple piercings besides standard one small hole in each earlobe, she's broken.

- If she takes selfies, she's broken.

- If she doesn't get your humour when you obviously are being funny or light hearted, you have already lost and she is broken.

- If she talks about adopting a child instead of having her own and/or she fascinates on adopting non-European children preferably children of African descent and she is of European descent, not only is she broken but also brainwashed.

- If she believes there are more than two genders, she's lost and broken.

- If she is any religion other than Christian, she's broken. Do you want your kids thinking they can be reincarnated as a animal in their next life, or do you want them thinking that saying a dead mans name in the incorrect context is warranted for death?

- If she is a atheist she is broken. 

- If her parents got divorced or her dad had multiple sexual partners while being married to her mom, she is broken.

 - If she listens to mainstream gospel music or radio pop music and actually thinks its good, she's lost and brainwashed.

- If she argues with you frequently on small matters, she's broken.

- If when texting her it feels like you have to put effort in, you have already lost.

- If she gives you oral sex (this one was hard to write and I know its nice) but she is then probably broken from past failed relationships.

- If she watches or endorses porn she is broken.

- If she watches 'series' she is broken and brainwashed.

- If red pill actually 'works' on her and you have sex within a short time of meeting her, she's definitely broken. Easy come, easy go.

- If she believes millions of economic migrants of non-European descent migrating to Europe every year is a good thing, she is brainwashed.

- If she justifies lying, she's broken.

- If she has lots of male 'friends' who also happen to be attractive men, she is broken and you have already lost.

- If she has gay friends, she is broken.

- If she drinks frequently, she is broken.

- If she does drugs, she is broken. Pharmaceutical included like anti-depressants.

- If she approves of abortion, she is broken.

- If she talks a lot, she is broken.

- If she gossips a lot, she is broken.

- If she has revealing photos of herself on social media, she is broken. If she used social media frequently for 'social interaction' she is broken.

- If she 'tests' you, you have already lost.

- If upon meeting her for the first time she asks you "how much do you make?", you have already lost.

- If her dad beat up her mom or visa versa, she is broken.

- If she has a filthy mouth, she is broken.

- If she has dark humour she is broken.

- If she likes gore or horror movies, she is broken.

- If her female friends are sluts, then she is broken.

- If she dyes her hair any weird colour, or if she dyes it frequently, or if she wears excessive makeup, she is broken.

That's all that comes to mind.

Feel free to add.

"A wife of noble character is her husbands crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones" - Proverbs.

(11-22-2020, 07:26 AM)Brett Wrote: - If she talks a lot, she is broken.
- If she has dark humour she is broken.
I don't think these personality traits necessarily mean a woman is 'broken'. There's nothing inherently wrong with being an extrovert, or having a dark sense of humour. Fair enough if that's not your preference, but I don't think these stop a woman from being 'marriage material'.

I would add:
- If she is a vegan/vegetarian for 'ethical' reasons and constantly reminds you of her dietary choices, she is delusional, brainwashed, and broken.
-If she gets offended every time you give a non-mainstream view, and calls you sexist/racist/homophobic etc., she is brainwashed and broken.
-If she tells you she has 'anxiety', she doesn't. Everyone worries, and she's an idiot.
-If she's on Tinder, she is broken.
-If she is very open about her sex life, she is broken.
-If she preaches to you about the virtues of going 'plastic-free' and 'saving the environment', she is brainwashed and delusional.
-If she doesn't believe in marriage, she is broken.
-If she spends 95% of her time on her phone, she is broken.
I like your additions, all true.

What I meant by 'talks too much' is if she can't shut up. Not necessarily a extrovert. Extrovert woman who are still feminine are attractive.

Dark humour just means if she makes depressive jokes alot - jokes that laugh about suicide for example. Could be a sign she is broken.

I thought of two more:

She uses the line - "I am finding myself or need to find myself". If she says that shes broken, lost, and confused.

If she asks you "have you travelled?" Out of the blue or after mentioning where shes visited. She's lost.

Everyone is broken

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