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Russian Sports Doping Documentary
I just came across this 2017 Netflix documentary called  ICARUS. It is about Russian sports doping. I don't have Netflix, so I haven't viewed the documentary. I figured you guys would be interested in watching it. For any of you who have seen the documentary, how was it?

Movie Trailer:
Its a film to promote the 'Russian boogyman' against America.

Someone of importance says in the start of the film "they doping, all of them (with reference to all athletes in all countries).

Then the rest of film just focuses on Russia and forgets about the - they all doping part (including American athletes).

Propaganda. Didn't even finish it (although got close).

Also seems like the reporter tries to turn the documentary into a russian spy thriller/conspiracy theory.

Brett, thanks for the synopsis. I won't go out of my way to watch the documentary.
The plot has been always the same.
All professional athletes take some PEDs.
If there is a justice, cycling have to been forbidden for ages, since almost all Tour de France winners used to positive. It is similar to mma, and all professional sports from US.
Russia XD

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