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To be loved the way you want to be loved
Is it safe to say that no women will ever love you the way you want to be loved? If so what's the solution? Just accept it and move on? The same acceptance that I'll never get the body if I stay natty forever?
True love is hard to find mate - if exist at all Big Grin
Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws - find someone that suits you best and accept it, that'all
I have true love. But most women can't give you that. you have to accept the flaws, your suppose to grow together and change.

The problem is people don't want to change. I know my women would die for me or even kill.

Everyday all I see is fake love. I only seen one other having this true love.

If you have to go on a date then that's bad sign there. modern women have lost all morals.

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