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A Woman Flaked On Me - I am not giving her a second chance
Long story short:

1. Met a woman - she looked cute, young...etc. Red flag: social media addict most likely - but good luck finding one that isn't.

2. Last week I offered her to meet on Tuesday. She said she is free on Thursday.

3. Scheduled date for Thursday. 

4. 2 hours before the date, she says this: "I had to go to work today. Let's reschedule the date. Saturday? Coffee?"

I said: "No. I have made adjustments for today."

She: "I am sorry, but my parents are coming in town. I decided to work today so that I have another day off. 
Maybe we can meet some other time."

In other words: Her parents > Me. That's understandable. I am not claiming that I should be more important than her parents. But why did she tell me 2 hours before the date? She could have told me in the morning for example.

I replied: "No thanks."

And that was the end of it. She will probably never reply as I am apparently not willing to comply.

To be fairly honest, I expected her to flake. Call it six sense, bad experience or whatever. 

Normally, I would have agreed to meet her some other time, but this summer women basically finished me. 

Besides, I asked myself this question - "Have I ever flaked?" 

The answer is no. I have never done it. Never. I have always found a way to respect an appointment. Why can't they?

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