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Power of the body
Hi Guys,

I would like to share a experience I had two days ago. I went with a friend down to the a local bar around late afternoon. We landed up mingling with different people. One of the people I met was a woman who was in her late 30's if not early 40's. How I met her was, my friend has this thing where he draws people and they offer him money. He sometimes uses it as a 'opener' with girls. He happened to be drawing her. So I approached them and just sat down by them. From there she and I started to chat and he moved away.

She started telling me about how this guy who I assume was her boyfriend had beaten her up to a pulp. From the way she looked I would assume it wasn't too long ago because she still had bruises on her and her eyes were very red and veiny (damaged tissue). She said she met the guy about three months ago at the same bar and he had approached her and said she was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

So she and I started to connect and I started telling her about some of my personal experiences relating to domestic violence. But what caught my attention and the reason I am writing this now is from something she told me. When I originally asked her what had happened upon her showing me her almost broken hand, she told me that a 'monster' had attacked her but later in the conversation she told me that he had such a perfect body. She even mentioned how he had perfect arms and that he had a 8 pack.

So I thought to myself, here is this girl who some guy had beaten up and possibly tried to kill, and yet she is telling me how 'perfect his body is and that this guy has a 8 pack', this same guy that she referred to as a monster. In my head I was like "you still thinking about that?"

She told me other girls had contacted her on facebook who I presume had previously dated him. Apparently they also had been smacked around a bit. But apparently he was under house arrest and yet he told her it was for beating up another guy. So this woman was attracted to a bad boy who she thought had physically assaulted another man.

The deal with her hand was she had almost broken it trying to prevent this guy from stabbing her with a knife. She showed me a picture of how she looked after the incident and her face was bruised to shit.

Another thing is that this woman is not a gutter slut, she told me she is a accountant and from the brands she had around her I can only guess (brand of her hand bag) she is well off. She also told me that she grew up in a very normal home. So her we see that even educated normal women with some brains can't resist a sexy bad boy.

She showed me a picture of him and he looked above average in looks. I also want to say she herself was very seductive and attractive even in this state she was in. I have no doubt she would be considered a 8+ by most men. She was very touchy with me and I got a strong feeling she wanted to sleep with me.

We landed up not hooking up because my friend somehow managed to talk me out of it. I actually thanked him for it afterwards (although not completely sincerely) after all she had a young daughter. I think she was taking legal action against this guy and I doubt she was the type of woman to go out looking for this type of guy who beats up chicks. I just wanted to illustrate that even after all she had been through with this guy she was still talking about his body.

Another thing that I realised from the conversation with her and from a conversation I had had with another cougar prior to meeting her, is that, when a girl is interested in you and she is a bit older than you (and its noticeable) she will probably ask you this question:
How old are you?
Always just respond with "guess how old I am" and then say "close enough" with whatever they say. That's if you want to sleep with them and don't want the age gap thing to get in the way.


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