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Why I am not playing video games anymore.
2 days ago I made the decision to stop playing video games once and for all, I deleted steam, origin, and blizzard off of my computer and I unhooked my playstation 4. I've been participating in it for far too long and when I reflect on my life, video games played a large part in harming my development.

When I was younger all I did was stay in and play video games, I did not get out and play sports, which was a big mistake. I grew up fat and the consequences of my obesity still follow me to this day as I lose weight. I was always bullied as a kid, and no one liked me because all I had to talk about was video games, and I wasn't very good at socializing. Kids were brutal to me. It taught me lessons about life.

Back to the topic, I think the whole loser/incel phenomena can be traced back to video gaming. Without question, every single incel is a video gamer or has been at some point. I think getting raised on video games as opposed to on a sports field is a major contributing factor to people becoming incels/being bullied, which are both VERY closely related. 

I'm trying to right the wrongs and make a better life for myself.

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Why I am not playing video games anymore. - by Richard - 02-09-2019, 11:20 PM

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