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Arnold's blue pill motivation for success
"Arnold's success was just as much marketing as it was hard work. He and Joe Weider both had desire to make huge amounts of money for the sake of making money and promote their persona as much as they could. Arnold and Weider were one of the pioneers of the fake advertisements you see in the magazines - steroid muscle heads used to advertise supplements. Arnold's biceps have become more famous that Pamela Anderson's boobs. Of course even back in the day nobody will tell you that Arnold started using steroids at 16 and his biceps size had nothing to do with the supplements of Weider.

In order for Arnold to become a star a lot of people had to be fucked up. Many people feel that Arnold did not deserve all his Olympia titles and there were better bodybuilders than him - Mike Mentzer, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva. This is true and on many occasion Joe Weider who is a money hungry heartless bitch used to screw people over for Arnold"

I Don't Like Arnold Schwarzenegger |]

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