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Full Version: Yoga
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Does anyone here do Yoga?
Waste of time.
Pseudo religion.
Well, scam is a too harsh word
Yoga is basically stretching system with some isometrics that put some tension to muscles - some people swear it that yoga helped them with back and other injuries, stress etc whether is placebo or not
Not my cup of tea, though
You are right. I corred it.
In my opinion stretching is not so good, as it is promoted. Firm ankles make us more stable and protected.
The most importan consideration is, that yoga used to be traditional asian religion practice. It opens some new perspectives. Everyone should be aware of it. Same goes for ''morning meditation''.
Only health benefits for women are going out, being active, gossiping, wearing pants and dreaming about world peace. Btw, girls in aerobic classes are far more better.
I did it a long time ago. It can help with stress and focus, because you have to keep one position (asana) for some time and breathe slowly. Basically it calms you down. And of course stretching your muscles is not a bad thing too.