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Full Version: Drug User Mentality
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This is amusing...

Case no. 1: A friend of my friend is in his 50s and is using drugs. My friend is not that experienced, but even to him the guy looks suspicious. So he asked him, after all they are friends. "No, I am not using anything." My friend showed me the picture and of course it wasn't even debatable. And then he wondered why his friend was lying to him. I mean, it was really funny to me, they are friends, but he still did it.

Case no. 2: A guy who is a bodybuilding competitor said, I am paraphrasing "I know a guy who is a lifetime natural, he only did two cycles...". And I was like how the fuck are lifetime natural and two cycles even in the same sentence... But apparently after two cycles you are still natural.

Case no. 3: Another bodybuilding competitor said in the comments on his instagram, I am paraphrasing again "Right now I am on nothing, so I have to train differently..." and a few sentences later "But as I said I am on 250 mg only". I am not joking, it was in the same comment. But no, he didn't make a slip, in his own mind he really thinks that 250 mg is nothing. So he is on nothing. And while you are cruising, well, you are basically natural.
If you can rationalize it to yourself, you can rationalize it to anyone.