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Full Version: What is The Role of Anabolic Steroids in Hollywood?
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In my opinion, you should put side effects into weaknesses. 
Social dysfunction might be observed separately. Steroids make them more aggressive and as a consequence they have a lot of troubles with ''wives''/"fiancees"... 
You did not include real ''natties'' from '10s: Pratt, Hemsworth, Vin Diesel, Affleck, Momoa, Jackman, black panter...
In late '60s they used to be a peak physique: 
[Image: 5249216_.jpg] [Image: farewellfriend.jpg?format=1000w]
Belmondo - 176 cm
Delon - 177cm
Bronson - 174cm (All three were short for modern standard)
In conclusion, steroids, grow hormone, insulin... are useful for movie stars. Benefits overcome disadvantages.
Steroids is overrated anyways, the real deal is supposed to be height and face. I dont think there is much research put into artificially increase the average human height because of all the gay moral issues they have been pushing. One thing i have noticed, is that obese people are almost always at least half a head taller than the average person, be it male or female. I guess bulking during teenage year is something should be pushed to all kids out there.