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Full Version: Starting Strength bulking...
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I imagine that i if he decided to cut to a true 10% (on a DEXA), all those 19lbs of "lean mass" (water, blood volume) would vanish and he'd probably weigh in close to ~180-190. I'm 6'2" as well and hit 10% at 180lbs.

If only it were possible to continue gaining actual contractile tissue without using steroids... Cry
Bulking as a natural Lol lets just get fat and gain a little strength and size until we are disgusted with how we look in the mirror. Then let’s just get skinny again and go back to where we were ?. The whole thing is a pipe dream as a natural unless you are young and still naturally growing into an adult or in newbie phase.
Yep, sad but true.
I couldn't watch it, the guy bored me.