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Full Version: Pete Hartwig Another BS Artist
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While checking out YouTube for natural bodybuilding, I came across two videos of Pete Hartwig. He claims to be 100% natural, the winner of the natural Mr. Olympia, and passing drug tests that he paid for during off season. He clearly looks off cycle during this video, but check him out on stage. No way he is natural. The second video is a short documentary of him progressing over several years. I still cannot understand why these bodybuilders just don't admit to taking PEDs.

Confessions of a "Natural" Bodybuilder:

Pete Hartwig's 20 year Transformation:
Bottom line is this: anyone who wins bodybuilding competitions isn't natural, even so-called 'natural' ones.
Damn so much delusion in the comments.

Hes juiced to the limit (for his weight class) and people are so naive and gullable.

Imagine how he would look on steroids like dbol etc if hes natty now.

I wonder if anyone in the comment section has ever tried getting to a real 8% bf and then comparing themselves to him. Probably not.

Hes still juiced in that video. Hes a bit more watery but take a look at that muscle quality and upperĀ chest. Still plenty of test in his system at the time that video was made.

He has the classic unreal tight skin look very common on fake natties.