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Full Version: Maybe the best book for home training (good read for quarantine days)
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Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson

Site is legal and you can read scanned book material for free

Lots of excellent, original, and somewhat bizarre and strange ideas for simple, yet effective workouts without or with minimal space and equipment
Lots of isometrics - which is curious
Try some routines from the book, some of them are very intense - you will be fried Smile
Never gymless is on for $1. Good stuff.
Looks interesting, but to be honest I've come to think of training as a natty as just being a process of 1) doing something hard 2) resting enough to recover 3) doing it again and 4) not expecting too much as far as results. Changing up workouts is good, but mainly so that you don't get bored.

I made up a little 15 minute hotel room workout that just involves push-ups, chair dips, and neck bridges. Years ago I showed it to a buddy of mine and he's been doing it several times a week since then. No idea how he hasn't gotten bored with it yet. The only other thing he does is play tennis when it's warm and snowboard when it's cold, plus eating right, and he's about as lean and fit looking as you could hope for at his age (early 50s) without going the gear/TRT route.