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Short shorts and short skirt
(12-03-2019, 07:53 AM)Loverboy Wrote: I'm not sure if your comments were directed at "me" or not - I wrote those things as examples of the hypocrisy and lies of our culture. Personally I don't mind homosexuality and transgenderism, I don't care, I just find it funny how in our culture those things are admitted as 100% biological but gender differences between men and women are 100% "social".

Too true. I have thought about this too.

Nature gave women the sexual power, like it does with other female animals. But human women now, unlike 10 000 years ago, have contraceptives, abortions, sexual healthcare, feminism (social liberation), the internet (OLD, antisocial media), urbanization and modern transportation (vastly greater range of and access to men, respectively). Regardless of whether one thinks those developments are morally good or bad in of themselves, the fact is that they all add up to removing the limitations on womens' sexual marketplace power that they have in their "natural" state. You could think of it like Palpatine going off with his Unlimited Power. This brings us closer to most of the rest of the animal kingdom, where most males are evolutionary chaff by default.

Contraceptives and abortion are the safety nets that made the "sexual revolution" and the modern sexual market place possible. Without them, women and men would be 100% unable to practice their immoral behavior, at least not to the same degree, because there will be massive repercussions – STDS, unwanted conception.

If every sexual intercourse was a potential pregnancy, women and men would never sleep around.  

P.S. Don't forget the morning after pill. I know women who'd taken it. That's another safety net.

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