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List the benefits you've gotten from Facebook

1. I can chat to people. (you can use many other methods to chat)

2. I can talk to people who have liked the page of the site (my major benefit).

I have gotten 1 (one) date from Facebook.

For me, Facebook amounts mostly to the experience of seeing how happy other people are.
For me the benefits of facebook are overwhelming:

I get to see how happy everyone else is and how they are accomplishing all their dreams and goals.

I get to talk to people that I otherwise would not still be talking too so facebook has kept all my true friendships alive.

I get to like other peoples profile pics and uploads and let them know how hard I am trying to be liked by them. 

I get to comment under the pictures of certain woman and tell them how amazingly beautiful they are and that any man would be lucky to have them.

I get to take motivational gym pics and share them with others that need inspiration.

I get to read motivational memes that have honestly changed my life.

I get to read up about how feminism has saved the world and how women are still being oppressed by evil white men.

I get educated through memes that being fat is just as beautiful as being lean and that telling women they are fat is very rude.

I get informed as to what is hatespeech, homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobe, racist etc. This way I can keep up to date with what I can and can't say.

I get to see first hand how cool and trendy it is to be in a interracional relationship.

I also get the special priveledge of bashing christianity and getting 0 repercussions. This really brings out the rebel in me. 

So as you can see the benefits are really endless. Don't know where I would be without facebook in my life.

I can call my friend from France
Nothing. My smartphone broke down and i didn't have one for 4-5 months. What happened? Nothing. Note: i don't have laptop either

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