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Structural balance is BS
I'm talking about this nonsense advice that people should be doing 2 (or even 3) times more sets of pulling exercises than pushing exercises, usually to improve posture or to avoid shoulder injuries. 

-If your shoulders are taking a beating from too much pressing, you need to do less pressing,  switch to exercises easier on the shoulder joint, use better form... trying to "unhurt" your shoulder  doing an excessive amount pullups and rows is more likely to giving pain on your elbows than curing the pain in your shoulder.

-You have bad posture because you developed a habit of bad posture,. If you spend 50 hours a week on the computer sitting in bad position, increasing your sets on pullups won't solve the problem. If you already training your back with weights, your muscles are already strong enough to put your shoulders in good posture.

-To do 2 or 3x the amount of pulling to pushing, you need either reduce the amount of pushing to the point not doing enough or increasing the amount of pulling to the point of doing too much. Both scenarios would make training unproductive.

-Nobody got time for this. If you did fullbody workout where you have 3 sets of bench and 3 sets of military, you'd have to fit 12 to 18 sets of pullups and rows to make it "balanced".

A better alternative would be: don't neglect anything, don't overdo anything, pay atention to your posture in everyday life and use corrective exercises if needed and with a logical reason.
Just another broscience bs
Just make sure to train most of the body and don't neglect any major muscle group - that's all
To this very day I have bad posture and I train pretty much regularly for years now - and yes, it's just a matter off bad habit because I now have more than enough of strong back for NOT to be sag
"Use the Right Pulling Exercises. Vertical pulling exercises, like pull-ups and lat pulldowns, can exacerbate the problem. Rows and other forms of horizontal pulling can help it."
Balanced training is overrated as a whole. You can do only one exercise e.g., the bench press and still not experience any problems.

Imbalance is a thing. It can create trouble, but it's not guaranteed and takes a really long time. But those gurus want you in panic mode all the time.
Because they have to pretend that they are smart, when in reality pushing/pulling ratio doesn't matter. Overusing your joints causes injuries. You can pull less then you push, but you will never get injured if you are not overusing your shoulders. And no amount of pulling can save you if you are pushing too much.

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