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Dangerous exercises
Few exercises will hit everything you need. Swimming does the whole of your body. It depends if you are training for different type of sport. But most just want to train to look nice and be healthy
10 Exercises All Men Should AVOID!

The discussion on Leg Press, leg extension, leg curl and all ab machines are interesting
Interesting that in all these links overhead tricep extensions aren't mentioned at all.

but take it from me, as someone whose elbow is completely wrecked, and there are now only a handful of upper body movements I can do: DO NOT DO OVERHEAD TRICEP EXTENSIONS.

Funnily, when I first did performing seated tricep extensions as a teenager, me left elbow would always hurt afterwards. I didn't know why, and just kept doing them for years and years.
30 exercises you should never do (

"Tricep dips
Pay no attention to their name. Tricep dips don't really work the triceps, but rather the shoulders. In fact, tricep dips tend to stretch your ligaments"

"Bench press
 ...  If you don't use good technique, you risk injury."

Ummm, as i said at the start of this thread, that is the case for any movement. But, yes, some movements are inherently dangerous.

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