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Arnold's blue pill motivation for success
(07-15-2019, 01:21 PM)TruthSeeker Wrote: Weider aside, Arnold is Arnold because of his genetics. Successful people who are naturally talented at something often blue pill the crowd by making the plebs think that it was hard work or some mythical work ethic that got them to the top.

I understand the "hard work" statement because there's a truth to it.  Unfortunately it's not just hard work alone which is why that statement upsets so many... 
.. whether it's scholastics or sports there's 3 groups:
1) Those who have talent and put little effort 
2) Those who have a great work ethic but limited talent
3) Combination of 1 and 2  -- this is Arnold and co

There's also the case of effort leading to untapped talent.  Say you ride a skateboard for the first time and find yourself feeling awkward. If you give up after the first couple of attempts, you may have never realized you have some talent because you didnt give yourself a chance.  Or let's say you're scared to take risks so you never truly try hard.
As far as athletes go gotta add a 4) Talent plus hard work plus steroids. This trumps anything. It’s actually pretty awesome to watch when all these three line up.

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