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Comedies Are Not Fun | all jokes are over-sexualized and stupid
Don't remember the last time I laughed during a comedy over the last decade. 

If anything, I've had more laughs on forums than during entertainment hours. All jokes are stupid and focused on sex. This is also the norm for the so-called up stand up comedians. It's like they can't come up with anything original that does not involved the word fuck, fucking, bullshit, shit...etc. This is one of the reasons I try to exclude those words from the articles I write. I have been tempted to write "fuck this" many times, but it just feels wrong. Maybe because the whole world has been overusing this word.
Cursing in general was always considered as a trait of low IQ, its just recently became a norm. 

Some "studies" show that someone who curses is more honest than someone that is not since they are not letting the curse to come out so there is a chance they are also hiding something - which is not true at all.

 In reality there is more chance a polite person will be honest, although one should not rely on this firmly nowadays.
Most people in YouTube videos do it all the time. If English is your native language, it must be annoying hearing "fuck" all the time.

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