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How many of you have seen a natural bench press 300lbs?
Well, if it counts? I am a fat slob who weighs 330 pounds and I benched 315 for 5 reps TnG and 325 for 3x3 around one week later. I work with incline barbell sets of 225 for 3x8. Could rep it 10 times if I wanted. Barbell rows with 225 for 3x5... All done in a caloric deficit. I'm 6'0 on the dot.

Trained chest and back today, did incline 235 3x6 and rowed 225 for 3x5. At my peak overhead strength I could rep 80 pound dumbbells 3x10 seated, that was around 1 month ago at 340 pounds approximately. Maybe a bit lower. Now I work with 135 on barbell press for 3x8. I'd love to hit a 225 press, but my delts are so weak compared to my chest and back. Same with squats and deads, I struggle to progress on them.

It seems like gifts can come in isolation, not as packages. If I could have 17 inches after my fat loss is said and done, I'd be ecstatic. They're 19 inches at the moment with a 1.5 inch hang of fat. I was blessed with chest and arms it seems.

If anyone doubts I will gladly post video clips on youtube. Although not of that dumbbell press, that would take me ages to work back up to because it took me two months to get there from 60 pound dumbbells.

Not as impressive as Jerb but I'm proud of it.
(01-11-2019, 11:40 AM)TruthSeeker Wrote: Personally, I have seen it once, but the individual in question has very short arms.

Most men benching that weight in any of the gyms I have been to were not natural.

I did a single with 315 touch-and-go when I was permabulked at a fat 240 pounds at 510". I think I could have actually done a double or triple that day and I was stupidly trying to test my one-rep max. I was 28 or 29 years old, and I wouldn't have been able to do it if I weren't that fat. I think  if I was leanish at the time I would have had a high 290's bench press or maybe 300. 

Anyway, I stopped doing flat bench press shortly after I did that as I got more serious on using exercises that were best for my frame for developing the pecs. The flat bench press is a pretty crumby pec builder for narrow-shouldered, arms-dominant men. My pecs started filling out when I switched to dips, incline and flat dumbbell bench press, and-or Hammer Strength machines. 

A natural pro (not IFBB, but a natty org) friend of mine (I mean natural as in no roids), at his best could rep 315, but his leverages for pressing are insane and rare! He has short arms and at the time, they were built like hams. 

Keep in mind at that time of my life, outside of work I lived in the goddamn gym and kitchen when I was my strongest. 

I went to very hardcore gyms with both serious natties and roid heads in my younger days.

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