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Why Vegan Gains and All Other Plant Eaters Are Kids Who Don’t Understand Life
The newest article on the site:

Why Vegan Gains and All Other Plant Eaters Are Kids Who Don’t Understand Life
This article is basically saying because you can't fix everything that is wrong in the world, you shouldn't do anything. The slavery line is a bit rich. You can actually grow plants without forced labour.

Personally, I can't stand women (and yes, from my experience, it's always women) who just abuse and abuse people who are mean to animals, even suggesting they be put in jail, while tucking into their chicken and steak.
I can see both sides of the story. Those that are or aren't. That's your own personal choice. Its when the bashing of one or the other that the fangs have to come out. If someone tells me I am a savage because I meat, well I will point out your tires, your car, your cell phone, your clothes, everything was made at someone or something's expense along the way. Humans are takers. Its just the way it is. Nothing can change that. We are the dominant species on Earth. It is impossible to co-exist with nature unless you revert back to 100's of years ago. That or move into the woods and build you a shack and live strictly off the land. Let me know how that works out for you lol
You always make great posts, Brett. I am honored to have you here.
I’ll take waiting to die in a retirement home playing dominos with my old people buddies and eating pudding over rotting away out in the woods in a cabin any day LOL
^ Actually, when it is said that people who lived off the land had much shorter life expectancies, that actually refers to the average life expectancy. This was brought down due to the high infant mortality rate. Once people survived infancy, it was quite common for people to live to old age.

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