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Taking a Brake From Women, Texting...etc.
(09-10-2021, 08:12 AM)TruthSeeker Wrote: True love is like 1% and takes years of tests. I'm not looking for it.

So you just want to reproduce?
I think we can all agree friends, social media, culture have a profound impact on behavior.
I remember working with a woman, Stacy, who seemed like a good catch - very pretty, loving family, no tattoos, good job, living with Chad.
Then one day I overheard Stacy complain that Chad was annoyed after she came home completely drunk out of her mind on a weeknight
after a hardcore drinking session with her female colleagues. Apparently she was so wasted she lost her key.
The entire department was made up of women who would go out and party together, so they had lots of 'fun'.

I've actually worked with quite a few women over the years who drank excessively and irritated their partners, but this one incident disturbed me
the most because Stacy's degenerate behavior was strongly influenced by her peers. I felt sorry for Chad because his relationship was probably
going well until she ended up at this job.

Obviously I've also seen men cave to the negative influences of peers and I certainly have in the past. I do think there are certain subset of women
who have a strong character and are immune to the vile influences of peers, dating apps, and social media
and that they make great partners, but they go very fast and certainly aren't on tinder.

I was horrified for this Chad though and I have to wonder if one day a future girlfriend of mine may be corrupted by her peers, have her impulsivity
exploited by tinder, or attention span ruined by Instagram likes. Temptation is only a swipe away.

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