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TREN: The Tale Of Riki Violino (new book)
Hello,'s new book TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino is now complete. You can learn more about it here.

[Image: final_cover_1.png]

Hello, Dear Readers of

I present you my newest book – “TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino”.

It’s a novel that focuses on the world of muscle. The main characters are Riki Violino, a veteran bodybuilder disgusted with the industry and Jimi, a young muscle constructor who wants to ascend as high as possible.

The two men develop a friendship and enter many difficult situations together. But then…

The story takes place in modern settings and includes many segments of the “hypertrophy business”.

As always, I have injected the book with numerous philosophical aspects.

(learn more)

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