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The Real "Driver" of Muscle Growth
(05-14-2019, 07:14 AM)khrazz Wrote: Hitting each body part once a week is not ideal for MPS (muscle protein synthesis) for a lot of reasons. You are only going to shortchange your results if you follow such a routine and dont inject yourself with dozens of steroids to keep MPS elevated during the week. As a natural, MPS peaks at about 28-48 hours - after that you no longer grow, you maintain and if you dont stimulate MPS again for a few days you start to slowly regress.

If getting good results is not in your priorities, then by all means do it. After all its better than being sedentary for sure - but keep in mind that the program you are thinking of doing is not meant for naturals.

Fitness writers keep pushing the idea that hypertrophy is proportional to time spent with protein synthesis above baseline.
So with you hit a muscle 3x week you stay 3 or 6 days (depending if you consider 24 or 48h of elevated synthesis) out of 7 growing, if you hit a muscle once a week you only spend 1 or 2 days growing. As a result you would grow 3x faster on a 3x a week (and even better on "bulgarian training" 6 or 7x week).

But in reality, yes, there is a positive trend in increasing training frequency for hypertrophy, but is not a direct correlation as people imply. In most studies the difference is small and frequently it doesn't even reach statistical signifance.

What this means is everything else being equal, an increased training frequency will usually produce slightly better results. 
But it doesnt mean that lower frequencies will not work or can't be a good option (due to joint issues, personal preference, time to train...).

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